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A centre dedicated to promoting a green, circular and sustainable economy with ALGAE


The CEVA is a French technology and innovation centre dedicated to algae, marine plants and marine biotechnology. Founded in 1982, the CEVA has become a key player in the algae sector by its transverse position within innovation eco-systems, from applied and technological research to prototyping, demonstration, and full-scale industrial implementation, based on product and process developments.

Its objective is clear: Provide alternatives to fossil fuel and terrestrial based resources by using algae, thereby meet tomorrow’s challenges particularly in the agri-food industry.

As a private research centre with a 40-year proven track-record in macroalgae and microalgae and plant ingredient developments, the CEVA offers its strong expertise to initiate, advise and support R & D and economic development projects for industrial applications in various fields : Human nutrition, cosmetics, bioremediation of liquid or gaseous effluents, biofuels, fertilizers and biostimulants, bioplastics, ingredients, intermediate food products, food supplements.

To this end, CEVA owns and operates various inshore and offshore platforms dedicated to field experimentation of new technologies and can provide specific contract research, analytical and  pilot production services as well as consulting services.

Qualified ITAI (Agro-Industrial Technical Institute) since 2007 and ITA (Agricultural Technical Institute) since 2018, CEVA is promoting the algae industry in France, in Europe but also worldwide.

The CEVA works closely with public and private stakeholders, including industrial companies and professional organizations. Besides providing technical assistance and research services to companies, the CEVA is also involved in a wide range of French and European collaborative research programs focusing on seaweed and microalgae cultivation, and their uses for human and animal nutrition, cosmetics, bio-based materials, energy…) and training programs (inter and intra-enterprise).

The CEVA has 25 permanent employees, including 22 skilled scientists (technicians, engineers, doctors of science).