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Industry, fish farmers…. you may be searching for an alternative solution for treating your wastewater and reducing your environmental impact, while generating new coproducts of interest ?

Algae are the ideal candidates  to meet your needs!

With more than 30 years experience in the biology and cultivation of microalgae and seaweed, the CEVA offers its skills developing and optimizing new cultivation systems, for growing new species of interest and for evaluating the potential of  algae production with your effluents.


Our services

Optimisation of cultivation techniques and methods

You wish to :

  • Develop / Optimize your methods of cultivation on effluents
  • Reduce production costs by valorising your wastewater.
  • Adapt your procedures and thus diversify your activity
  • Make use of existing unoccupied infrastructures

Testing the cultivation of new species

You wish to :

  • Develop new types of biomass of interest in your sector, while valorizing your wastewater
  • Test new algal extracts and ingredients

Biological and Eco-physiological studies

You wish to:

  • Evaluate the potential of your effluents as a substrate for microalgal and seaweed cultivation
  • Select the most adapted species for production yields and value generation
  • Define effluent incorporation conditions in the process of algal cultivation
  • Evaluate the impact of your effluents on the quality of the produced biomass

Our achievements by field of activity

Microalgae cultivation on agri-food and industrial effluents