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Since 1986, the CEVA guarantees Quality Services by applying a set of good practices and shared values ​​within its structure:



  • Respecting rules of discretion and confidentiality regarding exchanges and work you entrust to us


Tailored Service to specific needs

  • Signed contract detailing the technical, financial and calendar objectives, as well as deliverables expected by the client
  • Precise specification contract defining your needs and constraints, including the establishment of regular financial and technical progress points previously defined together
  • Detailed estimate with the description of the implemented resources
  • Clear establishment of results ownership and intellectual property (IP) management


Free exchange and partnership of excellence

  • Exchange freely with one of our experts to better identify your needs, your expectations and define your project
  • Benefit from our specialized external network able to provide additional guidance and advice if needed.


One single contact within a wide range of activities

  • Achieve the work objectives under the responsibility of a project manager, expert in the field.
  • Seek and rapidly mobilize other in-house algae experts, for a comprehensive and innovative project.


Reactivity & Adaptability for customer satisfaction

  • A quality survey established for our customers willing to evaluate and monitor our Services
  • Continuous improvement based on feedback from customers in order to offer better Products and Services.