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A MEC is a Mixed Economy Company. The CEVA belongs to this category and is characterised by particular specifications.

Would you be able to identify them?

Test your knowledge by trying to answer 5 questions on the status of a MEC and thus on the status of the CEVA.

True or false ?

MECs are not completely distinct from public institutions and authorities


Answer :

The main differences are:

  • They have a private sector status, especially for accounting and staff management,
  • Non-submission to the principal of specification
  • Obligation to go through a competitive tendering procedure in order to be allowed to work for a local community,
  • Submission to the systematic controls for anonymous companies, in addition to controls under public law.

MEC employees work under private law


Answer :

MECs are mainly regimented by the 1966 law on limited companies, which implies that their employees are paid under private law.

Territorial or national civil servants can nevertheless work in a MEC, in the case of temporary posting or availability periods.

MECs are a Franco-French exception.


Answer :

25000 local public companies (LPC) have been assessed over all countries within the European Union. They employ 1.6 million people and generate an annual income of 282 billion Euros. Until 2000, most of these LPCs were 100% public anonymous companies. The amount of MECs has more than doubled within the past 15 years.

MECs are submitted to the July 2015 Public Procurement Order


Anwser :

In most cases, MECs are contracting authorities, meaning organisations which have general interest requirements that are not purely industrial or commercial. Due to their status and to their shareholders, MECs are therefore contracting authorities or contracting entities.

One can both be shareholder of a MEC and work for it or for its local shareholding community


Answer :

The 2nd January 2002 law that modernises the status of MECs confirms this statement.


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