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Whether you are fish farmers, farmers, Spirulina-growers, research laboratories or an industry, you aim at producing or benefitting from good quality raw material in sufficient quantities with traceability and produced in environmentally friendly conditions.

You may be searching for an alternative or an additional income to your present activity

Nevertheless, algal cultivation in open or closed systems is specific to each species. In addition, the control of growth and production requires a synergy between knowledge in biology and eco physiology and cultivation methods.

With 30 years of experience, particularly in the fields of species identification and cultivation of microalgae and seaweed, the CEVA offers its skills for the characterisation and management of natural resources, the development and optimisation of cultivation methods and techniques and the evaluation of the production potential of certain algal species. Our expertise also involves the study of scientific and technical literature.

Our services

Biological and ecophysiological studies

You wish to :

  • Further your knowledge in biology and algal ecophysiology thanks to the combination between controlled laboratory conditions and field work
  • Implement R & D experiments
  • Innovate and test the cultivation of new species of microalgae and seaweed

Assistance in the diversification and implementation of production sites

You wish to :

  • Diversify your activity by cultivating microalgae or seaweed and identify relevant species
  • Limit your impact on the environment by developing new production concepts such as Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)
  • Be assisted in decision making or strategic orientations, independently of the level of development (scaling, creation, diversification or production optimisation)
  • Evaluate the feasibility of your projects on land or at sea, for example by defining a target of interest according to the different environmental constraints (location, water supply, water quality, temperature, …)

Metabolic orientation of microalgae and seaweed

You wish to :

  • Develop efficient cultivation processes for metabolic orientation (enrichment in starch or proteins) in order to satisfy new market requirements
  • Optimise the production of algae (at sea or on land)

Mapping, development and deployment of prediction models

You wish to:

  • Identify suitable areas for the implementation and development of algal cultivation
  • Monitor the evolution of biomass or predict the production yield of your concession
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of your work on a concession at sea

Our achievements by field of activity

Development of Porphyra and Palmaria cultures

Technical assistance for algae production: sizing, installation, and diversification of pilot sites (DADD)

Feasibility survey for the establishment of a microalgae production site

Development of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)

Protein and starch enrichment of green algae biomass