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Manufacturers, formulators or users of natural ingredients, you wish to investigate or develop an algae-based product in a confidential environment?
·      We are your ideal partner for formulating new recipes, for designing stabilization or transformation processes, and for developing algae-based ingredients for a variety of agri-food products or food supplements.
·      We provide scientific, technical and regulatory expertise gained over more than 40 years’ experience, in order to exploit the organoleptic, nutritional and functional values of algae and overcome technological barriers within their transformation.
·      We offer a tailored support at all stages within the development of your innovative project, and can plan synergistic interactions between multidisciplinary networks involving private and academic partners.

Our Services

We give life to your project by providing a wide range of customized services, from laboratory testing to industrial transfer:

Development of ingredients or recipes

You wish to:

  • Develop innovative products based on seaweed and bring a plant and/or marine touch to your product range
  • Exploit the nutritional benefits of algae for a specific consumer target
  • Obtain a first selection of concept recipes in order to carry out your own tests
  • Train your chefs, R&D or marketing teams to these new raw materials and introduce their textures, organoleptic properties and functionalities
  • Join us for a “testing and tasting” session in our new application kitchen

Design of stabilization or transformation processes

You wish to:

  • Define an algae transformation process able to meet your logistical constraints and to be transferred to an industrial scale
  • Optimize the processing of raw materials in order to meet regulatory objectives and ensure safety
  • Analyse and optimize the technical and economic feasibility of your project and validate the proof of concept

Physicochemical characterization of algae products

You wish to:

  • Identify compounds of interest: polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, phenolic compounds, pigments, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, peptides, minerals …
  • Identify algal species and types of extracts that can meet your specifications in terms of functionality and / or claims
  • Highlight the benefits of an algal biomass for your applications

Pilot scale process transfer

You wish to:

  • Scale-up your process in the view of reaching an industrial level
  • Produce pre-series

Our achievements by field of activity

Development and industrialization of liquid-filled alginate beads

Development of recipes (ready-meals, soups, drinks, ...)

Development and production of aromatic extracts

Development of food supplements: development and formulation of bioactive extracts meeting consumer targets, creation of analytical files