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Are you willing to develop new products by exploiting the potential of algae?

Whether investigating new raw materials and/or lacking further knowledge on existing materials, or willing to diversify and expand the range of algae you are already using, you are probably facing numerous questions.

With more than 30 years of experience in this sector, experts at the CEVA will assist you in putting your ideas into action.

Our experts will guide you through the setting, validation and implementation of your project. Their specific knowledge on the whole algae value chain will allow you to accelerate and secure your innovation at each step until the launch of your products.

Our services

 Bibliographic reviews and targeted patents or competitive environment surveys

You wish to :

  • Obtain a scientific and technical review prior to your project and have it evaluated by experts in the algal sector
  • Select the best algae for your application
  • Identify the products on the market
  • Identify your competitors
  • Assess your freedom to operate on the targeted markets

Project brief analysis, feasibility studies

You wish to :

  • Have your concept validated by professionals in the sector
  • Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of your project
  • Secure your project and supplies by identifying the critical points to implement the necessary GO / NO GO steps


You wish to :

  • Obtain information on the use and markets of algae in your sector, or explore the potential of algae for future applications
  • Develop your knowledge of the required techniques and processes for you project
  • Accelerate the integration of new employees

Regulatory advice

You wish to :

  • Position your project in a regulatory context which might be new for you
  • Secure your developments
  • Ensure a watch and anticipate the evolution of regulatory aspects of an expanding sector

Our achievements by field of activity

Bibliographic / patent study on extraction technologies of a compound of interest and production scenario recommendations

Competitive environment analysis for the development of new ingredients and / or algae-based additives

Customized training of R & D and commercial teams or in a context of diversification of activity (biology, molecules of interest, products, production techniques ...)

Patent study / preliminary analysis of the freedom to operate for the application of a specific technology for the development of microalgae enriched in bioactive compounds

Study of the taxonomic revisions of chlorella and the consequences on their use in human nutrition

Identification of species or molecules of interest from local or tropical species for targeted biological activities