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Up-scaling is a key step in the implementation of a production project. This step validates many technical and economic aspects, and enables the users to test their products on a larger scale before investing in industrial scale units.

Our recently designed industrial transfer hall allows us to implement a wide range of pilot production systems involving seaweed, microalgae and plant biomass or their extracts. We can validate your processes, reach capacity needs from 50 to 1000 kg depending on the process and equipment used, as well as guarantee the technological transfer to your own facility.

Our services

A wide range of unit operations:

  • Grinding, mixing (liquid, dry or paste), high pressure homogenization (micro-algae, cell lysis)
  • Maceration, solid / liquid extractions
  • Controlled chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Membrane filtration, purification and separation
  • Vacuum concentration, freeze drying, drying

Studying and prototyping

You wish to :

  • Test the feasibility and up-scaling of a process developed at lab-scale
  • Improve or optimize your existing process
  • Produce sufficient amounts of product for characterization and testing
  • Package your product in a clean room in order to provide your customers or prospects with samples
  • Develop analytical monitoring methods

Industrial transfer

You wish to :

  • Transfer a process developed by the CEVA to your own site or to an external partner
  • Train your teams
  • Benefit from the experience of our teams to guide you on the choice of raw materials or equipment, …

Our achievements by field of activity

Algae preservation by controlled fermentation, blanching or salting

Enzymatic production of marine oligosaccharides and process transfer to an industrial operator

Pilot production of biostimulant extracts

Production and fractionation of purified polyphenolic extracts

Production of algal bioethanol

Synthesis of new algae-based surfactants