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Whether you are a producer or a consumer of microalgae or seaweed, you need to ensure you have a long-term supply of good quality raw material in sufficient quantities with traceability and produced in environmentally friendly conditions.

However, access to the “algae” resource depends on the availability of each species in the natural environment and on the existence of algal culture collections. For a sustainable management of the resource, the distribution, ecology and biology (life cycle) of each species should therefore be characterised.

With more than 30 years experience in the study of microalgae and seaweed, the CEVA offers these specific skills securing the sustainable development and management of your algae resource, whether harvested from the natural environment or selected from culture collections for cultivation.


Our services

Identification of microalgae and seaweed species

You wish to :

  • Identify a new species of interest for your activity
  • Validate the species you are supplied with
  • Identify the species present in a mixture of algae
  • Have access to an inventory of the local harvestable species

Characterisation of algal biomass

You wish to :

  • Characterise a new resource:
    • identification of a species of interest
    • morphological, biological et ecological distribution
  • Confirm your supply:
    • validation of the target species
    • validation of the characteristics of interest

Maintenance of strains in a collection

You wish to :

  • Outsource and secure the maintenance of your strains
  • Be assisted in the creation of your own collection

Strain, inoculum and pilot production supply

You wish to :

  • Have access to a particular species / strain
  • Obtain seeded substrates for the cultivation of seaweed
  • Obtain microalgae inoculum
  • Acquire various biomasses of biological material

Interlinking with suppliers (Seaweed harvesters, producers, …)

You wish to :

  • Be accompanied in your search for suppliers
  • Have access to contact information for new suppliers
  • Extend your customer portfolio

Testing the cultivation of new species

You wish to :

  • Make your present supply less dependant upon natural resources
  • Diversify your production by integrating new species of interest
  • Obtain technical support in your academic and R&D research

Our achievements by field of activity

Production of seeded supports for the cultivation of macroalgae

Establishment of microalgae and macroalgae culture collections

Supply of inoculum / samples of spirulina strains for the Federation of French Spirulina Producers

Inventory of local species able to be exploited in France and abroad