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Ideally located at the most Northern tip of Brittany, in an ​​oyster farming region renowned for the quality of its seawater (classified A level by Ifremer), the CEVA supplies filered seawater for medical devices, cosmetic and food industries.

Our seawater is exclusively captured at rising tides, or at high tide for tidal coefficients above 55, in order to guarantee the provision of fresh water coming from the open sea.Located above a sandy seabed our catchment is controlled before and during each sampling in order to ensure the constant quality of the pumped sea water.

Our services

  • Filtered seawater down to 0.2 μm
  • Packaging format adapted to your needs (sterile or non-sterile disposabe liner bags, IBC, jerrycans,…)
  • Concentrated seawater production with or without filtration

Our equipement

  • Anti-corrosive HDPE seawater capture pump
  • 20 m3 isothermal seawater tank
  • Multi-stage filtration line equipped with a UV lamp and a cold water exchanger
  • Standard filters of 1μm, 0.45μm or 0.2μm (other possible thresholds upon request)
  • Vacuum concentrator
  • Clean room packaging: Dust-controlled area (ZEC) according to ISO 14 644-1, class 10 000 (ISO 5.5)

Our quality commitments

  • Batch file compilation for the traceability of each production
  • Nitrate and phosphate measurements to verify the absence of anthropic pollution
  • Pollution alerts monitoring (REPHY, REMI, etc …) before seawater pumping
  • Conductivity control to check the absence of fresh water
  • Microbiological analyses according to specifications

Our achievements by field of activity