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Private company, local community, public service or professional, you may need to evaluate the availability of different plant resources over a short, medium and long term. You might also be concerned about social and environmental responsibilities (SER).

The CEVA offers more than 30 years expertise to support sustainable management of algal resources by providing a wide range of actions aiming at monitoring the evolution of a resource in terms of heritage. This includes the establishment of efficient management strategies, the determination of harvesting quotas, fulfilling regulatory obligations…

Our services

Elaboration of biological indicators

You wish to :

  • Define the quality of coastal and transition water masses in the frame of WFD/MSFD monitoring programs (intertidal and mud flat zones)
  • Assess the degradation state of an aquatic environment
  • Develop biological indicators

Mapping (spatialization of information)

You wish to:

  • Identify reference layers (salt marshes, rocky, sandy or mudflat substrates) using innovative technologies
  • Follow the evolution of the spatial cover of seaweed and marine vegetation in coastal and/or transition zones

Acquisition/Processing of aerial multi-/hyperspectral (microlight, drone) and satellite data

You wish to:

  • Assess the biodiversity on a given site
  • Discriminate between the major algal groups, down to the different algal and plant species
  • Organise a management plan aiming at fulfilling regulatory obligations

Biological and ecophysiological studies

You wish to :

  • Further your knowledge in biology and eco physiology of seaweed, thanks to a combination between controlled laboratory conditions and field work
  • Establish R & D experiments

Development and implementation of prediction models

You wish to:

  • benefit from decision-making tools based on robust  algorythms to anticipate algae strandings  depending on terrigenous fluxes  (e.g. nitrates)
  • Predict production yields of your seaweed cultivation units

Protocol Development and monitoring of environmental parameters

Vous souhaitez :

  • Optimise the profitability of your concession as well as limit its impact on the environment
  • Develop a warning system dedicated to phenomena that may cause production losses (e.g. epiphytism, grazing…

Identification of seaweed and microalgae species

You wish to :

  • Identify the algae causing a bloom which affects your activity (fishing, tourism, shellfish farming)
  • Further your knowledge on a particular species to exploit, whether it is local or imported

Our achievements by field of activity

Gridding of Seaweed harvesting areas on the West coastline

Hyperspectral mapping of the Normandy coast

Monitoring the evolution of the Fucales cover (IFREMER, Rebent)

Mapping and evolution of salt marshes

Identification of appropriate zones for the establishment of offshore seaweed farming at national and international levels