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The CEVA is positioned in many historical as well as emerging networks (Act Food Bretagne, Tremplin Carnot), which integrate a wide variety of technical centers and research organizations. Such an engagement shows its will and ambition to be part of an up to date innovation dynamic based on science and technology.

Its area of ​​influence can also be related to the diversity of partners with whom the CEVA collaborates in the framework of national and international projects and to the recognized expertise in many fields linked to algae (opportunistic seaweed, regulatory quality, processes related to nutrition human and animal …).


The CEVA is a technical center specialized in the production and processing of algae. This expertise and its good active knowledge in the Agricultural and Food sectors resulted, in February 2018, in the double certification “Agricultural Technical Institute” (ITA) and “Agro-Industrial Technical Institute” (ITAI) by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Such a technical center providing expertise specifically in the algae sector is unique in Europe which positions the CEVA as an active and recognized player involved in regional and national innovation networks.

ACTA and ACTIA networks

The CEVA is labeled ITA and ITAI for the running 2018-2023 period. On this basis, the CEVA is involved in networks representing the Association of Agricultural Technical Coordination (ACTA) and the Technical Coordination Association for the Agri-food Industry (ACTIA), alongside with other accredited centers. Both these associations are true areas to exchange and share, at the convergence between tasks for public interest and interests dedicated to specific sectors. As part of the French network for applied research and development transfer, these associations anchor their actions around key topics such as innovation, skill sharing, competitiveness, supportive tasks to changing sectors …


The CEVA is a founding member of two technical federations dedicated to the Food sector. ACT Food Bretagne is the alliance between five agricultural and agro-food technical centers in Brittany (ADRIA, CEVA, IDMER, VEGENOV, ZOOPOLE DEVELOPMENT). The first action carried out by this association was the founding of the “Tremplin Carnot AgriFood Transition” in 2016, labelled Carnot Agrifood Transition Institute in 2019; bringing together seven technical centers and eight academic research units which provide support to companies willing to improve sustainable practices within agricultural, aquaculture and agri-food systems.


Competitiveness clusters are designed to support innovation, particularly by fostering collaborative research and development (R & D) projects, with strong local roots. The CEVA is a Directors Board member of the national AQUIMER cluster, which focuses on the seafood sector and the valorization of aquatic products. The CEVA is an active member, and this for many years, of the POLE MER BRETAGNE ATLANTIQUE, which is a cluster of private companies, research institutes and training centers specialized in the fields of marine living resources, environment and coastal development. The CEVA contributes notably to the organization of thematic days. The CEVA is also a member of the Valorial competitiveness cluster dedicated to the food industry (thematic expert in “food algae”) and of the POLE IAR which works on all themes related to the production and development of biological resources (agriculture, forestry, marine resources or by-products and residues) for food, industrial and energy purposes.



As an applied research center, the CEVA has the aim to meet professional needs and contribute to ideas and decisions involved in the implementation of public policies: seaweed farmers, shellfish farmers, processors … In order to better understand constraints coming from the field, the CEVA is also involved in professional networks related to the protection and management of natural resources and environment (including water quality), to the quality of food products …

CEVA is a member of AFNOR and was elected as president of the standardization Commission V39A. This working group is in charge of French participation in the European Technical Committee CEN/TC 454 for “Algae and Algae Products”The application fields covered by the working groups of the Commission include production and identification of algae, food, feed and algae-based products or intermediate (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and energy).
This standardization effort was identified as a major contributor for promotion and use of algae (seaweed, microalgae, cyanobacteria and Labyrinthomycetes) and algae-based products in Europe. The output of CEN/TC 454 is expected to improve reliability of the supply chain, as well as to increase confidence of both industrial sector and consumers. It should promote and support algae commercialization across Europe.